I am a self-taught maker who hand-builds sculptural and functional ceramic forms in a small studio at the top of my garden, situated on the edge of Dartmoor in Tavistock, Devon.

I manipulate soft slabs of speckled white and textured black clays by pinching, coiling, casting, press-moulding and carving to create strong, solid shapes.  I then trim, fettle and sand each piece to achieve fluid, smooth and balanced forms.  I leave the surfaces marked with subtle tactile memories of the making process and add bold matt and satin colours to emphasise the simplicity and silhouette of each piece.

I enjoy exploring the attachments we make with objects as well as the relationships between the objects themselves.  I’m interested in ideas around communication and connection and want to nurture the interaction between an object and it’s audience.  I want my objects to feel reassuringly familiar as well as animated and engaging and bring comfort and companionship to those who choose them.

I’m influenced by the role of pottery in ancient civilisations and small communities and by potters such as Edmund De Waal, for his collections and installations of objects and Melissa Weiss, for her methods of creating forms and her use of colour.

I have recently been made an Associate Member of The Devon Guild Of Craftsmen and am a member of The Westcountry Potters and Drawn To The Valley Artists.

I produce work to order and for galleries, exhibitions and craft shows. Please refer to my Facebook page and Instagram feed for information on upcoming events.

Visitors are always welcome to my studio.  I have an 8 week lead time and ask for a 50% deposit before work begins.

If you are interested in buying a piece of work, exhibiting my work or working together in collaboration on a future project, you are very welcome to contact me via the email contact form or on Facebook and Instagram.