I am a self taught maker of things. I believe that any object has the potential to enhance the experience of those who see, touch or make use of it.  I aim to make objects that seem animated and responsive.  They are often tactile and curious and each is individual in it’s own way. I hope that they also feel of value to those who keep them.  I hope they will provide strength, comfort, companionship and joy each and every day!

My current focus is on creating ceramics that celebrate both purposeful pottery and beautiful form and surface. I want to blur the boundaries between function and sculpture.  I feel that each piece must be practical and effective in its everyday application, bring pleasure to those who see and handle it and celebrate the value of shared experiences – eating, drinking, baking, planting – through their opportunities for communal use.

I hand-build ceramic objects with black and buff grogged stoneware and porcelain clay bodies, using variations of techniques such as pinch potting, slab building and casting. I enjoy the alchemy of experimenting with unlikely materials during the making and firing processes and like to enhance the forms I make by exploring different shapes and surfaces in my work.

I am fortunate to be surrounded by the wild environments of Dartmoor and the Devon and Cornwall coasts and am inspired and informed by this both on a macro scale experiencing the colour and texture of the seasonal landscapes and changeable weathers and on a micro scale in the patterns and forms of cellular structures, tiny plants, mosses and grasses.  I record these interests in a number of ways, through research, photography, drawing, painting, casting in plaster and creating assemblages of natural and man-made found objects that have been discarded, lost or over-looked.

Visitors are always welcome to my studio shed to take a look, ask questions and have a chat. I have work exhibited at The Lime Kiln Gallery in Calstock, Cornwall, hold some stock myself and currently produce work primarily to commission. I have a 6-8 week lead time and ask for a 50% deposit before work begins. If you are interested in buying a piece of work, exhibiting my work or working together in collaboration on a future project, you are very welcome to contact me via telephone (07766 446025), email or on Facebook and Instagram.